Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

I have officially been scolded for not blogging enough. I know I'm a slacker but life gets in the way. Since I am so not in the homework mood tonight, I think I'll go ahead and let it pile up even more while I blog. There are some things my life that make me smile. Period. I always have little moments that make me realize just how blessed I really am. Things like:

Accomplishing something great! (My graduation in May 2009.)

Learning something new! (Jostlyn and I ice skating New Years Eve 2009.)

Traveling (In Seattle during the Summer of 2008)

Experiencing my first meal living on my own and finally understanding I had a lot to learn.(August 2009)

Old friends who I know that I will love and stay close with forever.

High school memories. Remembering the laughter, the tears, the drama, the lessons and meeting people who you know you will never forget.

Family time. Even thought my family sometimes really puts the FUN into dysfunctional, I don't know where I would be without them.

Exploring new places. (Ciera, Kylee and I hiking during the summer of 2010)

Holiday celebrations.

Weddings. I love to see people find their happily ever after.

Baptisms. There is nothing more powerful than someone accepting the gospel.

Newborn babies. These little lives amaze me.

Knowing no matter what there will always be someone who cares about me.